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About Us


Autend is an innovative brand drawing inspiration from traditional and contemporary designs, to bring you an inspirational product range for your homeCreated for those whose passion lies within their home.

Our story

Strouks, the company behind Autend, has been operating in France for over 15 years! We operate from our custom built head office and logistics center in Paris. Autend is dedicated to producing and retailing quality products that you never knew you needed.


Our values

Our goal is simple, to offer a range of products that covers all aspects of life at home, making it as easy and as enjoyable as possible. We aim to provide our customers with quality products at an affordable price, that are not only useful in everyday life, but act as solutions to some of life's obstacles.

Lastly, we think our planet is amazing, so we keep an eye on our environmental footprint and do what we can to make sure it stays as small as possible.


Our future

At Autend, we have our finger on the pulse, meaning that when it comes to the latest innovations and trends we are always at the forefront, ever-expanding our offering to ensure we bring up to date and refreshing options to our audience on a regular basis. 


Created with life in mind.